The Network is dedicated to two women who faced the ugliness of sexual bias, myth-based assumptions on their capabilities, their potential for spiritual enlightenment, their intellectual potential and their essential human rights.  Yet, each of these women took on the establishment, in her own time and calling. 

Women have often led who remained unknown to history.  Women Leading is dedicated to real history and providing the facts for our present and future actions.   

Frances Brake Heisler, a woman you have never heard of, was responsible for ensuring the development of the jet engine for WWII and created our trajectory for going to the Moon, beginning in 1953.  She announced this to the Board of Directors for McDonnell Aircraft Company telling them, "Gentlemen, I'm going to the Moon.  Are you coming with me?"
   Mac, the company's founder responded with, "Why don't you tell us more about it?"
        During World War II Frances was directly competing with Hans Kammler, noted for building concentration camps and building V1 and V2 Rockets.  Hitler handed him the Luftwaffe with orders to commit to battle the Messerschmitt 262 Jet Fights and Rocket Plane Fighters. 
         Hitler did not give these orders  until Kammler that the McDonnell XP-67, the first laminar jet airframe was rolled out on January 10, 1944, in St. Louis in full view of where Nazi spies could take pictures of it, as Frances had gained permission from President Roosevelt to advertise how these American jet airframe prototypes were created -- even though they had propeller engines installed for flight testing.  
      Frances also armed the Tuskegee Airmen with McDonnell anti-missiles that heretofore had been used on ships. The airmen in P-51s shot down three caught the most of the rest of the 300 Nazi jets and rocket planes, belly landing on grass because they had no wheels and take-off had been from carriages.  
      Frances had written the proposals for both the first jet airframe and the anti-missile missiles that were awarded in 1940.  The Moonbat is still a word that means 'crazy fast.'

Heisler Peace Academy​
 Harriet Foster Pillsbury graduated from the Women's Infirmary of New York with her medical degree in 1880.  
         Her medical practice focused on women and children and included educating women on their reproductive options and other data which it was illegal to provide. 
    The mother of four, her two daughters died, Grace at age 10, Carrie at age 23.  Together with her husband Dr.Harlin Henry Pillsbury, both Transcendentalists, they raised their remaining children, Ernest Sargent, and Arthur Clarence Pillsbury to work in ways that served others, always leaving the world better for their presence. 
       Ernest followed his parents into medicine, researching germ theory in the last years of the 1800s.  Arthur went on to use the developing technologies of photography and film to open the eyes and hearts of people everywhere to the world around them.  His accomplishments included the first nature movie, filmed and shown in Yosemite at his studio there, in 1909.

Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation
The mission for all of our shows is creating cooperation and understanding between people of all kinds and from all places, by letting them enter into a productive dialog with each other.  Some people call this 'arguing' or even debating. If it becomes annoying to the participants in the audience, they can Call Tally and vote to Kick Them To The Curb; or, there are set dates and times for the Tally to be Over, from TV and devices.  

Imagine for a moment the end of Tweet-a-thons which are so much like we were glad to escape in pre-school. 

Cooperation and understanding are essential to change our direction from disaster threatening us all from multiple sources today. Let's move toward Solutions.  Solutions, you know, such as how to stop the theft of homes through the facade of foreclosure and build a sustainable humane economy in its place.  

We do not censor or shadow-ban.  We keep what we are doing to the facts, which are decidedly different from adherence to a 'philosophy' or 'ideology', which today means a 'Party Line'.  All comers are welcome.

The BigTech companies are now, generationally, displacing the former BigPower/Money folks, Media owned by those folks, and Party Bosses. 

We provide the tools needed so you can accomplish this.  To find out how Interactive 2-Way, Mass-Audience Participation through all platforms and all devices empowers each of us.  

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